Laura is a photographer living in Canada. She finds beauty in slowness and authenticity of living. She tries to always embrace the ingredients of her days and of her experiences. She feels the most alive near and around the sea. She dreams. She travels. She writes. But mostly she watches as life unfolds around her. In a time before photography, Laura studied business in university, and it was through that experience that she developed a passion for human interaction and began to understand the power of expression. Photography granted her the opportunity to dig deeper, see clearer, and cherish the gentle thing we call memory.

Laura’s approach to photography is influenced by nature, interactions and the rawness of emotion. She likens these interactions to seeing and finding poetry in it. She believes in capturing moments that are honest and real, simple moments where people are themselves, with true expressions and intimate experiences.

If ever Laura is in need of grounding or inspiration, she seeks out her Grandmother, a strong positive influence in her life. Her Grandmother’s home is the most magical place she knows.

Laura Rowe