Through out my life I have moved around a lot, left many friends behind and made new ones along the way. I was born at a military hospital in the city of Taj Mahal, India. Grew up by the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains for my first decade before moving to America. I attended multiple schools in different states before finishing High School at a Boarding school back in the Himalayas. I went to Business school at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and then Film School in Vancouver. Moved to LA and NYC in pursuit of my passion for acting before settling down back in Vancouver, where I continue to act.I guess moving around so much instilled a love for travel and exploring in my heart. I try to visit a country or two every year. While traveling you meet a lot of people and people fascinate me the most, their faces, their laughs, their stories. And photography gave me the means to capture all that I love. I wish to keep growing and capture more beauty of this world for as long as that might be.

Arjun Mallick